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Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
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The effect of receptor interaction on the bacterial chemotactic adaptation rate
Shujian Ren , Chi Zhang , Rongjing Zhang
Temperature-robust diamond magnetometry based on the double-transition method
Caijin Xie , Yunbin Zhu , Yijin Xie , Tingwei Li , Wenzhe Zhang , Yifan Wang , Xing Rong
The NuSTAR extragalactic surveys: Source catalogs from the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South and the Chandra Deep Field-North
Tianyi Zhang , Yongquan Xue
High-sensitivity double-quantum magnetometry in diamond via quantum control
Yang Dong , Haobin Lin , Wei Zhu , Fangwen Sun
Almost balanced and uncorrelated quaternary sequence pairs of even length
Yi Ouyang , Sen Wang , Xianhong Xie
Information Science and Technology
A data-driven model for social media fake news detection
Xin Chen , Shancheng Fang , Zhendong Mao , Yongdong Zhang
Earth and Space Sciences
Re-visiting barium isotope compositions of mid-ocean ridge basalts and the implications
Xiaoyun Nan , Huimin Yu , Jinting Kang , Fang Huang
Earth and Space Sciences
Characteristics of clouds, precipitation, and latent heat in midlatitude frontal system mixed with dust storm from GPM satellite observations and WRF simulations
Renjun Zhou , Tianyuan Yan , Shuping Yang , Yunfei Fu , Chen Huang , Hongxia Zhu , Rui Li
Earth and Space Sciences
Sheared E × B flow encountered in space plasma excited from two controllable methods
Kexin Huang , Xiao Zhang , Rong Jin , Yu Liu , Jiuhou Lei
Earth and Space Sciences
Constraining the Ediacaran oceanic dissolved organic carbon reservoir: Insights from carbon isotopic records from a drill core from South China
Yunpei Gao , Yizhe Gong , Xiaoyan Chen
Curvature estimate of the Yang-Mills-Higgs flow on Kähler manifolds
Zhenghan Shen
Life Sciences/ Engineering & Materials
Sound speed imaging of small animal organs by ultrasound computed tomography
Zhiming Hu , Mingchun Yang , Xiang Zhu , Chao Tian
Engineering & Materials
Numerical investigation on heat transfer characterization of liquid lithium metal in pipe
Yongfu Liu , Peng Tan
Engineering & Materials /Info. & Intelligence
The control of moldy risk during rice storage based on multivariate linear regression analysis and random forest algorithm
Yurui Deng , Xudong Cheng , Fang Tang , Yong Zhou
Engineering & Materials /Mathematics
Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking design for energy consumption games of HVAC systems over digraphs
Xinyu Liu , Jin Zhang , Haibo Ji , Xinghu Wang
Engineering & Materials
Experimental study on the effect of additives on the heat transfer performance of spray cold plate
Ruoxin Liu , Rui Zhao , Yongle Nian , Wenglong Cheng
Radiation hardness characterization of low gain avalanche detector prototypes for the high granularity timing detector
Xiao Yang , Kuo Ma , Xiangxuan Zheng , Yanwen Liu
TiO2-assisted GaN-nanowire-based stable ultraviolet photoelectrochemical detection
Yang Kang , Xin Liu , Danhao Wang , Shi Fang , Yuanmin Luo , Haiding Sun
Information Science and Technology
Steganalysis of neural networks based on parameter statistical bias
Yi Yin , Weiming Zhang , Nenghai Yu , Kejiang Chen